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1-Chloro Anthraquinone Derivatives

1-Chloro Anthraquinone Derivatives

Certificate of Analysis

Anthraquinone derivatives are a large and diverse class of organic compounds based on the anthraquinone core structure. They are characterized by their intense color, ranging from yellow to red to blue, and their diverse chemical properties. Anthraquinone derivatives play a crucial role in the pulp and paper industry, aiding in the delignification process during pulp production.

Anthraquinones are characterized by their aromatic nature and a quinone core. These properties contribute to their excellent stability and reactivity. Understanding the chemical structure is crucial for grasping their behavior in various applications. Anthraquinone derivatives are widely used as dyes in the textile industry, providing vibrant and long-lasting coloration to fabrics. 

  • PRODUCT NAME: 1-Chloro Anthraquinone
  • CAS No. : 82-44-0
  • MOLAR MASS: 242.66
  • APPLICATIONS: Application in Wet And Reactive Dyes
1AppearanceLight Yellow to Amber to Dark green powder to crystal, free from extraneous matter
2Purity By GC area %98.00% Min.
3Melting Point ° C163-165°C

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