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Bromo Benzene

Bromo Benzene

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What is Bromobenzene?

Cyanobenzene, also known as Bromobenzene or Bromobenzene, is an ethyl halide of the pragna group. It can be produced by the addition of bromine to benzene in the presence of iron. The result is a colourless, clear, pungent, heavy, mobile and pungent liquid with a pearly yellow hue.

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Bromo Benzene, also known as Phenyl Bromide, is a vital aromatic compound derived from benzene. It is characterized by the presence of a bromine atom attached to a benzene ring, imparting unique properties that find applications across various industries.

Bromo benzene (C6H5Br) is a colorless, heavy, mobile, pungent odorless, bromo-bromo-benzene-containing liquid. It is brominated in the presence of iron to form a heavy, mobile, and colorless liquid.

It has a molecular weight of Molecular formula: BromoBenzene (Bromo)-Bromo-Bromo-Benzene Molecular weight: C6H5BENZENE (BromoBENZENE) Molecular mass: 157.0079 g/mol Boiling point: 156.2 DeG C/ 760 MM Hg Melting point: -30.6 °C (solidifies) Heat of Vaporization: 44.5 KJ/mol/mol (25°C) Octanol/Waterpartition Coefficient: log Kow =

Due to its excellent solvent properties, Bromo Benzene is employed in the pharmaceutical industry for various drug formulations. It facilitates the creation of medicines that impact lives globally in Custom synthesis and toll manufacturing. In the realm of agrochemicals, Bromo Benzene plays a pivotal role as an intermediate compound.

Its inclusion in the synthesis process contributes to the creation of effective crop protection solutions.

  • PRODUCT NAME: Bromo Benzene
  • CAS No. : 108-86-1
  • MOLAR MASS: 157.01 g/mol
  • APPLICATIONS: Pharmaceutical, Agro and Fine Chemical Intermediate
1AppearanceA Clear colourless liquid, Free from suspended particles.
2Identification By GCThe retention time of benzene peak in the chromatograph of substance being examined should be concordant with the RT observed in the chromatograph of working standard.
3Moisture ContentNot more than 0.05%
4Density1.49 to 1.50
5Purity by GC (% area)Not less than 99.5%
6Benzene Content by GCNot more than 0.50%

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