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(RS)-6-Fluoro-2-[(SR)-Oxiran-2-Yl]Chroman (Isomer-B)

Certificate of Analysis

  • PRODUCT NAME: (RS)-6-Fluoro-2-[(SR)-Oxiran-2-Yl]Chroman (Isomer-B)
  • CAS No. : 876514-31-7
  • MOLAR MASS: 194.0 g/mol
Sr. NoTestSpecification
1DescriptionYellow to Brown Colour Liquid
2Identification By HPLC The retention time of main peak in the chromatograph of sample preparation should match with that in the chromatograph of working standard preparation, as obtained in the test chromatographic purity By HPLC.
3Water Content By KF (% w/w)Not more than 0.5 %w/w
4Chromatographic purity (by HPLC % area)Isomer-BNot less than 90.0%
Isomer-ANot more than 5.0%
Any unknown ImpurityNot more than 10.0%
Total ImpurityNot more than 10.0%

Exhibitor 2024

Booth no. 223

25-27 june 2024

Savannah, GA, USA.

Stand no: g306

19-20 june 2024

Messe Dusseldorf, Germany

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